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You can't get an interview without a resume so make sure your resume will work hard to open doors for you. The resume writing tips and sample resume below will help you create your own door opener. If you would like assistance in structuring a professional resume, we can help you create a compelling and influential document in alignment with today's hiring landscape. For additional information, please email info@ultraforcestaffing.com referencing RESUME HELP in the subject line.

The Do's and Don'ts of Resume Writing DO:
1. Most recent experience is always first
2. Use short concise sentences
3. Be positive - stress your skills, accomplishments and abilities
4. Use a reverse chronological format. List most recent work experience then education
5. Sell yourself by using action words to describe yourself and your work experience/responsibilities
6. List educational and employee awards and/or recognition
7. Set up resume so that it looks good and is easy to read and follow
8. Include only relevant information
9. Make sure it's letter perfect with no typos or misspellings
10. Be prepared to live up to all the information stated on your resume

1. Have information jammed together; use plenty of white space
2. Use the preposition "I"
3. Be cute or chatty
3. List salary - past, present or expected
4. Mention either why you are looking or reasons for leaving your last job
5. List references
6. Mention memberships or affiliations with groups that might indicate race or religion
7. List your high school if you're a college graduate
8. Include any "Personal" section (age, sex, marital status, children, physical appearance, religion, social security number, etc.)
9. Take more than two lines to list hobbies, sports or interests. Include only if you have limited work experience

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